Boutique Hotel Laundry Service

Looking for a reliable Hotel laundry service for your boutique hotel? 

Your boutique hotel deserves the care and attention of a service who can pick up, launder, and deliver your linens with perfection. At Hunts Point Linen, we come from a high-end dry cleaning background, and we understand the attention to detail necessary to maintain an exceptional brand image. We offer a wide range of laundry services, from kitchen and staff uniforms to bath towels for your shower or locker rooms. We even offer embroidery and customized logo floor mats. Our service zone covers most of New York City, with free delivery provided!


Among the laundry services we provide to small-sized hotels:

  • Staff uniforms, button-down, and polo shirts
  • Fine tablecloths, napkins, and bar mops
  • Kitchen and waitstaff uniforms
  • Towels for pools, locker rooms, and showers
  • Anti-fatigue mats and logo-printed floor mats
  • Cleaning of customer owned goods, too!

No matter what your boutique hotel needs, you'll get Hunts Point Linen's industry-leading customer service. We'll assign a representative to work with you one-on-one to ensure you get exactly the textiles you need, on a schedule that's convenient for you. Let us show you how we're different at Hunts Point Linen hospitality laundry service!


Uniforms, Table Linens & Bath Towels

Hunts Point Linen is your one-stop supplier for all textiles at your country club. We rent and clean everything from kitchen uniforms to pool towels.


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